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Viola Calendar
Whose birthday is today?
What happened today?

Birthdays, premières and other important viola-related events

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Here is our Viola Calendar! Find here viola-related birthdays, events, premières. Find out when famous composers, famous viola players or violin players who have something to do with the viola were born and other interesting information.

This is a fun way to discover many events and unexpected people in music who have links with the viola and unearth many pages of this website. So it's an occasion for us to rejoyce and celebrate the mellow viola!

How to use the Viola Calendar

Find the date you want to know about, click on each person or event link to read more then go to a detailed page about them where you can also find a video and listen to it.

See who shares a birthday with you! Check this viola calendar every day or, even better, Subscribe here to receive all updates that are not yet in the calendar here, see past days for more examples. Get short daily viola news and start your day in a musical way.


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